WORK > Of Seafaring Men

As Though the Sea Should Part
Acrylic, spray paint, latex house paint, chalk, fabric paint, oil pastels, beads, fireworks, image slides, and porcelain on canvas
78" x 84"
A Journey Where There Is No North Star
Acrylic, faux flower and tree branch, belt buckle, rope, neckless, hair pieces, gold, mouse trap and pills on canvas
Everyone Dies Every Once In a While
Acrylic, spray paint, keys, earnings, hand bag, lingerie, wall paper, synthetic hair, hair beads, coins, staples, needle and thread and synthetic flowers on canvas
82" x 74"
The Kite Runner
Acrylic , spray paint, latex house paint, pendant, mousetraps, tiles, fabric, trash bags, doll head, eye glasses and string on canvas
78'' x 54''
A Voyage Fit For A King
Acrylic, spray paint, pendant, mousetrap, chain, tiles, staples and oil pastels on canvas
84'' x 82''
The Night Before Christmas Started the New Year
Acrylic, spray paint, chalk, white charcoal, marker synthetic leaves, tile, mesh, fabric and spray foam on canvas
66'' x 82''
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas mounted on board
16'' x 20''
Black Widow (Rescue and Recovery)
Acrylic , spray paint, pink salt, pendant and india ink on canvas
18" x 22"