Lavar Munroe presents a multi-venue exhibition with recent works that explore his ongoing interest in the phenomena of the “human zoo” in place during colonial times, and its impact on the politics of representation in the present. Three significant works recently included in th 56th Venice Biennale will be on display in the SCAD Museum of Art.

Munroe will also present a series of new large-scale works and drawings in Gutstein Gallery, including an installation that engages personal biography and references his childhood in the Bahamas.

Munroe’s painting practice incorporates elements of assemblage and collage, with composite pieces stitched and glued into a larger whole. Anthropomorphic figures that vacillate between the playful and macabre are the central motifs of his large-scale canvases. Often incorporating found and discarded materials, Munroe creates rich, painterly works that foreground his interest in history, anthropology and sociology.